Erik Thomsen
Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics

Erik Thomsen has over 20 years experience creating state-of-the-art analytical software technologies and the business applications they support with an emphasis on intelligent systems and socio-economic-environmental models. Currently he is working on problems of adaptive planning, using semantic technology to provide richer representations of sensor and other plan-related data, to allow for flexible, non-disruptive, agile, scalable, and coordinated changes in plans, and support more intelligent querying.

Abstract: Composable Event Frames for the Integrated Analysis of Sensor Data and Natural Language
Dr. Ram Sriram
Chief of the Software & Systems Division, the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Dr. Ram D. Sriram is the chief of the Software and Systems Division at the Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Prior to joining NIST, he was on the engineering faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Sriram has extensive experience in developing knowledge-based expert systems, natural language interfaces, machine learning, object-oriented software development, life-cycle product and process models, geometrical modelers, object-oriented databases for industrial applications, health care informatics, bioinformatics, and bioimaging. Dr. Sriram has co-authored or authored nearly 250 papers, books.

Abstract: Toward Internet of Everything: The Role of Ontologies