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IGERT Colloquium Series

This multidisciplinary colloquium is held every Friday at 1:00 during each semester in 144 Wilkeson Quadrangle, Ellicott Complex, North Campus (unless stated otherwise).

IGERT Colloquia, Fall 2010

Please note that the IGERT - IRTG Virtual Seminar is part of the IGERT colloquium series. This is an exchange of students and research between our NSF - funded GIScience IGERT and the DFG-funded IRTG Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information, from Muenster and Bremen, Germany. (http://irtg-sigi.uni-muenster.de/).

Presentations are as follows:

Oct. 1  Kick-off meeting to discuss ideas for potential speakers
Oct. 8 Open
Oct. 15 Dr. Chris Renschler, Geography Dept., speaking on the art of securing grants from the initial stages of locating grants through to the final renview process.
Oct. 22 Open
Oct. 29 IRTG Virtual Seminar, Dr. Stephen Hirtle, University of Pittsburgh, "This is the Tricky Part: When Directions Become Difficult", Special time & place: 9:30 AM, Ketter 140
Nov. 5 IGERT Trainees: Andrew Trgovac, on his IGERT International Research Experience at the National University of Singapore this past summer; and Amy Frazier on her ongoing IGERT International Research Experience at University of Queesland in Brisbane, Australia
Nov. 12 Open
Nov. 19 Geography Awareness Week:
Dr. Marc Armstrong, Geography Dept., University of Iowa, "Cyberinfrastructure in Geography"
Special Time & Place: 3:00 PM, 170 Fillmore
Dec. 3 "Mountains, Maps, and Mici : International Experience in Eastern Transylvania" by Ray Whitlow
Dec. 10

"Small Area Population Estimation with High-Resolution Remote Sensing and LiDAR by Dr. Le Wang

Venue: 9:30am in 140 Ketter


IGERT Colloquia, Spring 2010

Presentations are as follows:

Jan. 15  Open
Jan. 22 Bill Duncan, IGERT Trainee, "Making Ontological Sense of Hardware and Software"
Jan. 29 Kerry Trentelman, Post-doc in the UB Dept. of Philosophy. "A Temporal Theory for the Basic Formal Ontology"
Feb.5-12:30 pm  Dr. Randall Dipert, UB Dept. of Philosophy
Feb. 12-1-2 pm "How to Build an Environment Ontology" by Dr. Barry Smith, Dept. of Philosophy.
IRTG Joint Session



Jeff Gower:  "Towards an Ontology of Patent Law"

Ray Whitlow:  "Settlement patterns of two Copper Age culture-groups in the Eastern

                        Carpathian Mountains in Romania"

Paul Berglund: "Placement of Warehouse Cross-aisles"

Joe Holler:  "Environmental change, livelihood insecurity and opportunities for

                    learning and adaptation on Mount Kilimanjaro"

Feb. 26 Open
Mar. 5 Open
Mar. 12 Spring Recess
Mar. 19 Dr. Ray Turner, Dept. of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex, England

"Programming Languages as Mathematical Theories"

Mar. 26 Dr. Thomas Bittner, UB Geography & Philosophy Dept.

"Vagueness & the tradeoff between the classification and delineation of geographic regions"

Apr. 2 Dr. John Kearns, UB Dept. of Philosophy

" Logic, ontology and epistemology: Truth & Commitment"

Apr. 9 Neil Williams of UB's Philosophy Department

"Dispositions & The Argument from Science"

Apr. 16 TBA
Apr. 23 Dr. Harlan Onsrud, Dept. of Spatial Information Science & Engineering, University of Maine


IGERT Colloquia, Fall 2009

Presentations are as follows:

July 23 Introductory session, Prof. Dr. Werner Kuhn, Universitat Muenster, "Introducing the IRTG Semantic Intergration of Geospatial Information"
Sept. 9 Overview of the IRTG disaster management scenario (http://irtg-wiki.uni-muenster.de/mediawiki/index.php/Common_scenario)
Oct. 9 10:00 - 11:30 AM, Rm. 140 Ketter Hall : Anthony G. Cohn, University of Leeds, "Steps Towards Cognitive Vision"
Dec. 11 11 AM, 140 Keter Hall, Willem Robert van Hage, Faculty of Sciences of the VU University Amsterdam, "Space Package" a prolog reasoner for topological relations which can directly work on RDF triples such as linked geo data.


Colloquium Series - Spring 2009

Jan. 23 Colleen Bronner, IGERT Trainee, on her IGERT International Research Experience at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
Jan. 30 Open
Feb. 6 Dr. Jared Aldstadt, Dept. of Geography, "Cluster Sampling of Dengue Virus Transmission"
Feb. 13 Open
Feb. 20 Dr. Maoyi Huang, Dept. of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, "Toward an Integrated Understanding of the Earth System: Linking Climate Change, Surface/Subsurface Hydrology, and Biogeochemical Processes at Regional to Global Scales"
Feb. 27 Open.

Geography Colloquium, 3:15 PM, 145H Wilkeson, Dr. Sam Cole, Professor, Dept. of Planning, "Globalization, Agglomeration, and Chaos: Insights from Resort Tourism"

March 6 Open
March 13 Spring Recess
March 20 Dr. Howard Lasker, Dept. of Geology; Biological Sciences; Director , Graduate Program in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior, Marine Biologist. "Population Connectivity in a Caribbean Octocoral: A Tale of Three Datasets"
March 27 Jose Silvan, Post-Doc student in Geography Department. "Sub-pixel remote sensing for mapping and modeling invasive Tamarix: A case study in West Texas, 1993-2005"
April 3 Dr. Thomas Bittner. "An Ontology-based framework for the analysis and integration of ecoregion classification systems"
April 10 Dr. Bea Csatho, Dept of Geology. "Monitoring Earth-Surface Dynamics with ICESat Satellite Laser Altimetry"
April 17 Dr. Jane Law, Dept. of Planning, University of Waterloo. "Serious crime neighborhoods: Geographical analysis of multiple sources of crime information using a Bayesian approach"
April 24 Wende A. Mix, Associate Professor, Geography and Planning Department, Buffalo State College. " Spatial Analysis of Neighborhood Change"


IGERT Colloquium Series - Fall 2008

Sept. 12

Short introductions of IGERT Fellows’ research 

Sept. 19

Ben Kamphaus, IGERT Fellow, “Implementing Spatial Data Standards in Archaeology”, and

Daniel Cadzow, IGERT Fellow, “A GIS assisted, ‘phenomenological’ investigation of three Nova Scotia Harbors documented by Samuel de Champlain between 1604 and 1610” 

Sept. 26

Dr. Peter Biehl, Dept. of Anthropology, and Raymond Whitlow, IGERT Fellow, “Archaeology and Spatial Data Production at Catalhooyuk” 

Oct. 3



Oct. 10

Dr. Alexander Cartwright, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, and Director of the Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics, “Multidisciplinary Research at a Public Research Institution” 

Oct. 17 and

Oct. 23

Dr. Michelle Masucci, Dept. of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University, “Informal Science Education and Geography – A review of approaches taken by the bITS Program”, and “Towards a Theory of Citizen Cartography” 

Oct. 24

Dr. Alan Rabideau, Dept. of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering;  Director of the Environment & Society Institute; and Director of the Ecosystem Restoration through Interdisciplinary Exchange (ERIE) Program, “Groundwater Remediation at the West Valley Demonstration Project:  The role of modeling” 

Oct. 31

Dr. Irus Braverman, UB Law School, “Planted Flags:  Trees, Territory and Law in Israel/Palestine” 

Nov. 7

Dr. Andrew Turk, Murdoch University, Western Australia, “Ethnophysiography:  Progress, Philosophy, and Possibilities” 

Nov. 14

Dr. Enki Yoo, Dept. of Geography, “Spatial Uncertainty Assessment in the Reconstruction of  Presettlement Forest Patterns in Western NY, USA” 

Nov. 21

Dr. Kelly Frothingham, Dept. of Geography and Planning, Buffalo State College, “Investigating Stream Channel Change in the Cazenovia Creek Watershed:  Implications for Biotechnical Streambank Stabilization” 

Dec. 5

12:30 pm, 435 Cooke Hall

The Center for GeoHazards:  Dr. Alexander Braun, Dept. of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary, “Observing Geohazards with Space Geodesy:  Tsunamis, Sand Dunes and Sea Ice” 


Colloquium Series - Spring 2008

Jan 25 Dr. Barry Smith, Dept of Philosophy, "The Environment Ontology Project"
Feb. 1 Seth Spielman and Justin Yates, IGERT Fellow, on their research
Feb. 8 Dr. Sara Metcalf, Dept. of Geography, "Ecological boundary-setting in mental and geophysical models"
Feb. 15 Speaker postponed
Feb. 22 Dr. Toni Shenk, Ohio State University and Visiting Research Professor in the SUNY/Buffalo Geology Dept. Remote Sensing Lab, on recent research
Feb. 29 IGERT Advisory Board Meeting
March 7 Dr. Scott Branting, Director, The CAMEL GIS Lab at The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, " Analyzing Ancient Urban Centers: GIS-T and Agent-Based Approaches"
March 14 Spring Recess
March 21 Dr. Michael Frachetti, Dept. of Anthropology, Washington University, St. Louis, "Simulated vegetation indexes and their implications of high-resolution Paleo-landcover reconstruction in the Eurasian Steppe zone"
March 28 IGERT Fellows: Discussion of multidisciplinary collaborative project
April 5 Dr. Le Wang, Dept. of Geography, "Urban Land Use Classification from Contemporary Remote Sensing"

Co-sponsored by "The IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Western New York Chapter"

April 11 Presentation of upcoming AAG talks:

Christopher Brehme, IGERT Fellow, "A Model of Spatial Interaction Between Endangered Whales and Lobster Fishing Gear"

Joseph Holler, IGERT Fellow, "Social Networks and Community-Integrated GIS for Water Resources Management"

Peter Kedron and Jeffrey Gower (IGERT Fellow), "Political and Economic Contexts of Biofuel Production: A Case of Iowa's Ethanol Industry"


April 18 Session Cancelled for AAG Meetings
April 25 Dr. Alexander Klippel, Pennsylvania State University

(Co-sponsored by Department of Geography)


September 2007

Sept 7
Le Wang, Assistant Professor, Geography, "Invasive Species spread modeling using multi-resolution remote sensing data"
Sept 14
Douglas Bolender, Institute of European and Mediterranean Archaeology
Sept 21
IGERT Fellow research interests and discussion
Sept 28
Tina Thurston, Dept. of Anthropology, Dept of Anthropology, " Making and breaking places: The spatial dimensions of political and social development in early Denmark"

October 2007

Oct 5 Dr. David Mark, NCGIA, "Recent progress in ethnophysiography"
Oct 12 Dr. Chu Ho Sam, 1:00 pm in Wilkeson 145H - joint presentation with the Department of Geography
Oct 19 Presentations by IGERT Fellows Heath Robinson and Joe Holler
Oct 26 Dr. James Jensen, Civil and Environmental Engineering, "Drugs and Bugs: Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products in the Environment"

November 2007

Nov 2 Dr. Michael Emch, Department of Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, " Spatial enviromental, and social network analysis in vaccine trials"
Nov 9 Dr. Changxu Wu, Department of Industrial Engineering, "Modeling Human Performance and Mental Workload using Computational Methods"
Nov 16

Note: Time & Location Change! 2:00-3:00 in 120 Clemens Hall

Dr. Risa Palm, Provost & Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs SUNY and Professor UB Geography Department, "Culture Realms in the United States: A Marketer's Approach"

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Recess
Nov 30 Dr. D. Scott Mackay, Department of Geography, " Towards a mechanistic framework for predicting evapotranspiration in time and space"


Spring 2008 Schedule to be announced in January

For information regarding each semester, select the semester of interest below.


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This project is supported by IGERT award DGE-0333417 from the National Science Foundation and by the University at Buffalo. Support from NSF is gratefully acknowledged.

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