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UB IGERT Faculty
Integrative Geographic Information Science Doctoral Program
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
State University of New York at Buffalo

Integrating Education, Research and Training

1999-2004 Faculty Program Participants
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Joseph F. Atkinson
Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
Email: atkinson@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.csee.buffalo.edu/professors_atkinson.shtml

Interests: environmental fluid mechanics, water quality modeling, sediment transport, lake hydrodynamics

Rajan Batta
Professor, Chair of Industrial Engineering
Email: batta@buffalo.edu
Website: www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~batta
Interests: applied operations research with applications in transportation and production systems

Ling Bian
Associate Professor of Geography
Email: lbian@geog.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.geog.buffalo.edu/~lbian/
Interests: gis, remote sensing, quantitive analysis and spatial modeling, physical geography

Ann Bisantz
Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering
Email: bisantz@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.eng.buffalo.edu/%7Ebisantz/home.html
Interests: Human factors: cognitive engineering, human decision making, and system design

Robert Casati
Research Professor of Philosophy
Email: casati@ext.jussieu.fr
Website: http://roberto.casati.free.fr/casati/roberto.htm
Interests: researcher in philosophy and the cognitive sciences, conceptual structures (linguistic and perceptual of space and time).

Jan Chomicki
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Email: chomicki@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/~chomicki

Meghan Cope
Associate Professor of Geography
Email: mcope@geog.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.geog.buffalo.edu/~mcope
Interests: Urban, economic and social geography, with focus upon gender and ethnicity. Social theory perspectives on geographic information.

Randall Dipert
C.S. Peirce Professor of American Philosophy
Email: rdipert@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://wings.buffalo.edu/philosophy/faculty.html#Dipert

D. Munroe Eagles
Associate Professor of Political Science
Email: eagles@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.polsci.buffalo.edu/faculty_and_research/dme.html
Interests: adjunct associate professor of geography, spatial and contextual models of political behavior

Douglas Flewelling
Assistant Professor of Geography
Email: dougf@geog.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.geog.buffalo.edu/~dougf
Interests: Geographic information systems engineering, spatial reasoning, multi-source spatial data integration, spatial data mining

Charles Frake
Professor of Anthropology
Email: frake@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://wings.buffalo.edu/anthropology/Faculty/frake.htm
Interests: Linguistic anthropology, cultural ecology, cognitive anthropology; Southeast Asia, Philippines, Europe

Igor Jankovic
Assistant Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
Email: ijankovi@eng.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.csee/professors_jankovic.shtml
Interests: Groundwater Flow Modeling, Contaminant Transportation Groundwater,
Inverse Modeling, Fluid Mechanics

Chris Larsen
Associate Professor of Geography
Email: larsen@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.geog.buffalo.edu/~larsen/
Interests: Landscape ecology, vegetation dynamics, fire, tree-ring analysis, fossil pollen analysis

David M Mark
Professor of Geography
Email: dmark@geog.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.geog.buffalo.edu/~dmark/
Interests: director of NCGIA Buffalo, gis, cognitive science

Sarunas Milisauskas
Professor of Anthropology
Email: smilis@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://anthropology.buffalo.edu/Faculty/milisauskas.htm
Interests: Old World archaeology, European prehistory; neolithic, Bronze Age

Alan Rabideau
Associate Professor of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering
Email: rabideau@eng.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.buffalo.edu/rabideau
Interests: groundwater modeling and remediation, risk assessment

Peter Rogerson
Professor of Geography
Email: rogerson@geog.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~rogerson/
Interests: undergraduate studies director, dynamic migration modeling, demographic forecasting, mathematical modeling

Christopher M Rump
Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering
Interests: operations research, probability modeling, queueing design and control with application to communication, traffic and manufacturing systems

Stuart C Shapiro
Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Email: shapiro@eng.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/faculty/shapiro/
Interests: knowledge representation, reasoning, natural language processing, autonomous agents

Barry Smith
Professor of Philosophy
Email: phismith@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://wings.buffalo.edu/philosophy/faculty/smith/
Interests: ontology

Jean-Claude Thill
Professor of Geography
Email: jcthill@geog.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.geog.buffalo.edu/~jcthill/
Interests: transportation, location analysis, retail, modeling

Aidong Zhang
Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Email: azhang@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/faculty/azhang/

Ezra B Zubrow
Professor of Anthropology
Email: zubrow@acsu.buffalo.edu
Website: http://wings.buffalo.edu/academic/department/anthropology/Faculty/zubrow.htm
Interests: demographic, ecological and anthropological issues

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